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immagini di tutto il mondo tratte dal newsgroup alt.binaries.amp, che offre 3000 nuove immagini ogni giorno.

pictures from entire world which come from the newsgroup alt.binaries.amp, that carries 3000 new images by day.


Your boat to explore islands and channels of the Lagoon of Venice
Your boat to explore islands and channelsof the Lagoon of Venice.

La tua barca per esplorare le isole e i canali della Laguna di Venezia.

DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_2.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_3.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_4.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_5.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_6.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_7.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_8.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Jambey_Lhakhang_Tsechu_9.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Khandu_Dorji_Guide.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Kurjey_Lakhang.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Kurjey_Lakhang_Mantras.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Kyichu_Lhakhang.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Landscape.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Man_in_Tume.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Map_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Map_2.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Map_3.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Monsoon_Damages.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_New_Punakha.jpg DOT_Bhutan_On_the_Road.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Paro_Airport.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Paro_Downtown.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Paro_Dzong.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Paro_Monsoon_Damaged_Bridge.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Paro_Valley.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Paro_Valley_Sunset.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Phuntsholing_Bhutan_Gate.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Prakhar_Goemba_Tsechu_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Prakhar_Goemba_Tsechu_2.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Prakhar_Goemba_Tsechu_3.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Prakhar_Goemba_Tsechu_4.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Prakhar_Goemba_Tsechu_5.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Prakhar_Goemba_Tsechu_6.jpg dot_bhutan_prakhar_goemba_tsechu_7.jpg dot_bhutan_prayer_wheels_1.jpg dot_bhutan_prayer_wheels_2.jpg
dot_bhutan_punakha_dzong.jpg dot_bhutan_rememberance_ceremony.jpg dot_bhutan_school_children_1.jpg dot_bhutan_school_children_2.jpg dot_bhutan_school_of_arts_and_crafts_1.jpg dot_bhutan_school_of_arts_and_crafts_2.jpg
dot_bhutan_school_of_arts_and_crafts_3.jpg dot_bhutan_simtokha_dzong.jpg dot_bhutan_suspension_bridge_to_dzong.jpg dot_bhutan_taktshang_monastery.jpg dot_bhutan_teachers__seminar_students.jpg dot_bhutan_temple_near_paro.jpg
dot_bhutan_thimpu_downtown.jpg dot_bhutan_thimpu_phuntsholing_road.jpg dot_bhutan_thimpu_public_libarary.jpg dot_bhutan_thimpu_view.jpg dot_bhutan_thinleygang_celebration.jpg dot_bhutan_thinleygang_spectators.jpg
dot_bhutan_tiger_s_nest_and_temples.jpg dot_bhutan_tongsa_dzong.jpg dot_bhutan_tongsa_dzong_studies.jpg dot_bhutan_tongsa_dzong_with_watchtower.jpg dot_bhutan_tongsa_farmhouse.jpg dot_bhutan_tongsa_hotel.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Tongsa_Houses.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Tongsa_View_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Tongsa_View_2.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Traffic_Control.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Trashi_Chhoe_Dzong.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Tsechu_Games.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Tume_Weaving_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Tume_Weaving_2.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Wangdue_Phrodrang_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Wangdue_Phrodrang_2.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Wangdue_Prodhang_Dzong_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Wangdue_Prodhang_Dzong_2.jpg
DOT_Bhutan_Water_Driven_Prayer_Wheel.jpg DOT_Bhutan_With_Grandchild.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Woman_at_Chapcha_La.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Yotang_La_3325m_1.jpg DOT_Bhutan_Yotang_La_3325m_2.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Allinge_Smoke_House.jpg
DOT_Bornholm_Countryside_1.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Countryside_2.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Glass_Factory.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Gudhjem_5.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Gudhjem_7.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Gudhjem_8.jpg
DOT_Bornholm_Gudhjem_Harbor_1.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Hammershus_Ruins_2.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Hammershus_Ruins_3.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Hammershus_Ruins_5.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Nexoe_Martin_Andersen_House.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Oesterlars_Church_1.jpg
DOT_Bornholm_Sandvig_Library.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Svaneke_Church.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Svaneke_Harbor.jpg DOT_Bornholm_Windmill.jpg DOT_Budapest_01.jpg DOT_Budapest_02.jpg
DOT_Budapest_03.jpg DOT_Budapest_04.jpg DOT_Budapest_05.jpg DOT_Budapest_06.jpg DOT_Budapest_07.jpg DOT_Budapest_08.jpg
DOT_Budapest_09.jpg DOT_Budapest_10.jpg DOT_Budapest_11.jpg DOT_Budapest_12.jpg DOT_Budapest_13.jpg DOT_Budapest_14.jpg
DOT_Budapest_15.jpg DOT_Budapest_16.jpg DOT_Budapest_17.jpg DOT_Budapest_18.jpg DOT_Budapest_19.jpg DOT_Budapest_20.jpg
DOT_Budapest_21.jpg DOT_Budapest_22.jpg DOT_Budapest_23.jpg DOT_Budapest_24.jpg DOT_Budapest_25.jpg DOT_Budapest_26.jpg

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a DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 2
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 3
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 4
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 5
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 6
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 7
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 8
DOT Bhutan Jambey Lhakhang Tsechu 9
DOT Bhutan Khandu Dorji Guide
DOT Bhutan Kurjey Lakhang
DOT Bhutan Kurjey Lakhang Mantras
DOT Bhutan Kyichu Lhakhang
DOT Bhutan Landscape
DOT Bhutan Man in Tume
DOT Bhutan Map 1
DOT Bhutan Map 2
DOT Bhutan Map 3
DOT Bhutan Monsoon Damages
DOT Bhutan New Punakha
DOT Bhutan On the Road
DOT Bhutan Paro Airport
DOT Bhutan Paro Downtown
DOT Bhutan Paro Dzong
DOT Bhutan Paro Monsoon Damaged Bridge
DOT Bhutan Paro Valley
DOT Bhutan Paro Valley Sunset
DOT Bhutan Phuntsholing Bhutan Gate
DOT Bhutan Prakhar Goemba Tsechu 1
DOT Bhutan Prakhar Goemba Tsechu 2
DOT Bhutan Prakhar Goemba Tsechu 3
DOT Bhutan Prakhar Goemba Tsechu 4
DOT Bhutan Prakhar Goemba Tsechu 5
DOT Bhutan Prakhar Goemba Tsechu 6
dot bhutan prakhar goemba tsechu 7
dot bhutan prayer wheels 1
dot bhutan prayer wheels 2
dot bhutan punakha dzong
dot bhutan rememberance ceremony
dot bhutan school children 1
dot bhutan school children 2
dot bhutan school of arts and crafts 1
dot bhutan school of arts and crafts 2
dot bhutan school of arts and crafts 3
dot bhutan simtokha dzong
dot bhutan suspension bridge to dzong
dot bhutan taktshang monastery
dot bhutan teachers seminar students
dot bhutan temple near paro
dot bhutan thimpu downtown
dot bhutan thimpu phuntsholing road
dot bhutan thimpu public libarary
dot bhutan thimpu view
dot bhutan thinleygang celebration
dot bhutan thinleygang spectators
dot bhutan tiger s nest and temples
dot bhutan tongsa dzong
dot bhutan tongsa dzong studies
dot bhutan tongsa dzong with watchtower
dot bhutan tongsa farmhouse
dot bhutan tongsa hotel
DOT Bhutan Tongsa Houses
DOT Bhutan Tongsa View 1
DOT Bhutan Tongsa View 2
DOT Bhutan Traffic Control
DOT Bhutan Trashi Chhoe Dzong
DOT Bhutan Tsechu Games
DOT Bhutan Tume Weaving 1
DOT Bhutan Tume Weaving 2
DOT Bhutan Wangdue Phrodrang 1
DOT Bhutan Wangdue Phrodrang 2
DOT Bhutan Wangdue Prodhang Dzong 1
DOT Bhutan Wangdue Prodhang Dzong 2
DOT Bhutan Water Driven Prayer Wheel
DOT Bhutan With Grandchild
DOT Bhutan Woman at Chapcha La
DOT Bhutan Yotang La 3325m 1
DOT Bhutan Yotang La 3325m 2
DOT Bornholm Allinge Smoke House
DOT Bornholm Countryside 1
DOT Bornholm Countryside 2
DOT Bornholm Glass Factory
DOT Bornholm Gudhjem 5
DOT Bornholm Gudhjem 7
DOT Bornholm Gudhjem 8
DOT Bornholm Gudhjem Harbor 1
DOT Bornholm Hammershus Ruins 2
DOT Bornholm Hammershus Ruins 3
DOT Bornholm Hammershus Ruins 5
DOT Bornholm Nexoe Martin Andersen House
DOT Bornholm Oesterlars Church 1
DOT Bornholm Sandvig Library
DOT Bornholm Svaneke Church
DOT Bornholm Svaneke Harbor
DOT Bornholm Windmill
DOT Budapest 01
DOT Budapest 02
DOT Budapest 03
DOT Budapest 04
DOT Budapest 05
DOT Budapest 06
DOT Budapest 07
DOT Budapest 08
DOT Budapest 09
DOT Budapest 10
DOT Budapest 11
DOT Budapest 12
DOT Budapest 13
DOT Budapest 14
DOT Budapest 15
DOT Budapest 16
DOT Budapest 17
DOT Budapest 18
DOT Budapest 19
DOT Budapest 20
DOT Budapest 21
DOT Budapest 22
DOT Budapest 23
DOT Budapest 24
DOT Budapest 25
DOT Budapest 26