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immagini di tutto il mondo tratte dal newsgroup alt.binaries.amp, che offre 3000 nuove immagini ogni giorno.

pictures from entire world which come from the newsgroup alt.binaries.amp, that carries 3000 new images by day.


Your boat to explore islands and channels of the Lagoon of Venice
Your boat to explore islands and channelsof the Lagoon of Venice.

La tua barca per esplorare le isole e i canali della Laguna di Venezia.

DOT_California_Los_Angeles_7.jpg DOT_California_Monterey_1.jpg DOT_California_Monterey_2.jpg DOT_California_Monterey_3.jpg DOT_California_Monterey_4.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_01.jpg
DOT_California_Palm_Desert_02.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_03.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_04.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_05.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_06.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_07.jpg
DOT_California_Palm_Desert_08.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_09.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_10.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_11.jpg DOT_California_Palm_Desert_12.jpg DOT_California_Palo_Verde_1.jpg
DOT_California_Palo_Verde_2.jpg DOT_California_Palo_Verde_3.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_01.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_02.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_03.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_04.jpg
DOT_California_San_Diego_05.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_07.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_08.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_09.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_10.jpg DOT_California_San_Diego_12.jpg
DOT_California_San_Diego_13.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_01.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_02.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_03.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_04.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_05.jpg
DOT_California_San_Francisco_06.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_07.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_08.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_09.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_10.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_11.jpg
DOT_California_San_Francisco_12.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_13.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_14.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_15.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_16.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_17.jpg
DOT_California_San_Francisco_18.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_19.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_20.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_21.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_22.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_23.jpg
DOT_California_San_Francisco_24.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_25.jpg DOT_California_San_Francisco_26.jpg DOT_California_San_Pedro_1.jpg DOT_California_San_Pedro_2.jpg DOT_California_Santa_Barbara_1.jpg
DOT_California_Santa_Barbara_2.jpg DOT_California_Santa_Barbara_3.jpg DOT_California_Santa_Barbara_4.jpg DOT_California_Santa_Monica.jpg DOT_California_Trucks_1.jpg DOT_California_Trucks_2.jpg
DOT_California_Trucks_3.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Alcatraz_Island_1.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Alcatraz_Island_2.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Chinatown_6.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Dome.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Downhill_1.jpg
DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_from_Hilton_Hotel_10.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_from_South.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_from_Twin_Peaks_4.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Map_1.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Map_2.jpg DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Map_3.jpg
DOT_California_V_San_Francisco_Pier_39_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Aruba_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Aruba_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Dominica_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Dominica_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_01.jpg
DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_02.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_03.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_04.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_05.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_07.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_08.jpg
DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_09.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_10.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_11.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_12.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_13.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_from_Space.jpg
DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Hacienda_San_Isidro_Arroyo.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Maunabo_Shore.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Palominito.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Parguera_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Parguera_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Patillas_1.jpg
DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Patillas_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Rincon.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Salon_de_los_Poetas.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_Beach_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_Beach_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_El_Morro_Fort_1.jpg
DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_El_Morro_Fort_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_Harbor.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_Old_Town_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_San_Juan_Old_Town_2.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Shoenstatt_Chapel.jpg DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Teatro_La_Perla.jpg
DOT_Caribbean_Puerto_Rico_Westin_Beach_Hotel.jpg DOT_Caribbean_St_Kitts_1.jpg DOT_Caribbean_St_Lucia_Almond_Tree.jpg DOT_Caribbean_St_Lucia_Anse_La_Raye.jpg DOT_Caribbean_St_Lucia_Banana_Plantations.jpg DOT_Caribbean_St_Lucia_Carnival_Destiny.jpg

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a DOT California Los Angeles 7
DOT California Monterey 1
DOT California Monterey 2
DOT California Monterey 3
DOT California Monterey 4
DOT California Palm Desert 01
DOT California Palm Desert 02
DOT California Palm Desert 03
DOT California Palm Desert 04
DOT California Palm Desert 05
DOT California Palm Desert 06
DOT California Palm Desert 07
DOT California Palm Desert 08
DOT California Palm Desert 09
DOT California Palm Desert 10
DOT California Palm Desert 11
DOT California Palm Desert 12
DOT California Palo Verde 1
DOT California Palo Verde 2
DOT California Palo Verde 3
DOT California San Diego 01
DOT California San Diego 02
DOT California San Diego 03
DOT California San Diego 04
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DOT California San Francisco 01
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DOT California San Francisco 06
DOT California San Francisco 07
DOT California San Francisco 08
DOT California San Francisco 09
DOT California San Francisco 10
DOT California San Francisco 11
DOT California San Francisco 12
DOT California San Francisco 13
DOT California San Francisco 14
DOT California San Francisco 15
DOT California San Francisco 16
DOT California San Francisco 17
DOT California San Francisco 18
DOT California San Francisco 19
DOT California San Francisco 20
DOT California San Francisco 21
DOT California San Francisco 22
DOT California San Francisco 23
DOT California San Francisco 24
DOT California San Francisco 25
DOT California San Francisco 26
DOT California San Pedro 1
DOT California San Pedro 2
DOT California Santa Barbara 1
DOT California Santa Barbara 2
DOT California Santa Barbara 3
DOT California Santa Barbara 4
DOT California Santa Monica
DOT California Trucks 1
DOT California Trucks 2
DOT California Trucks 3
DOT California V San Francisco Alcatraz Island 1
DOT California V San Francisco Alcatraz Island 2
DOT California V San Francisco Chinatown 6
DOT California V San Francisco Dome
DOT California V San Francisco Downhill 1
DOT California V San Francisco from Hilton Hotel 10
DOT California V San Francisco from South
DOT California V San Francisco from Twin Peaks 4
DOT California V San Francisco Map 1
DOT California V San Francisco Map 2
DOT California V San Francisco Map 3
DOT California V San Francisco Pier 39 1
DOT Caribbean Aruba 1
DOT Caribbean Aruba 2
DOT Caribbean Dominica 1
DOT Caribbean Dominica 2
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 01
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 02
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 03
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 04
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 05
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 07
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 08
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 09
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 10
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 11
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 12
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico 13
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico from Space
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Hacienda San Isidro Arroyo
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Maunabo Shore
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Palominito
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Parguera 1
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Parguera 2
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Patillas 1
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Patillas 2
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Rincon
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Salon de los Poetas
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan Beach 1
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan Beach 2
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan El Morro Fort 1
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan El Morro Fort 2
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan Harbor
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan Old Town 1
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan Old Town 2
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Shoenstatt Chapel
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Teatro La Perla
DOT Caribbean Puerto Rico Westin Beach Hotel
DOT Caribbean St Kitts 1
DOT Caribbean St Lucia Almond Tree
DOT Caribbean St Lucia Anse La Raye
DOT Caribbean St Lucia Banana Plantations
DOT Caribbean St Lucia Carnival Destiny